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Norman is such a great actor and fun person to work with. He’s so sweet. I feel like now he’s become such a good friend and it’s fun because I think Beth and Daryl are getting to know each other now because they’re kind of stuck together. And, in a way, me and Norman are now stuck together after not necessarily having a tons of scenes together and getting to know each other. So in some ways it definitely paralleled their journey — Beth and Daryl’s journey and Emily and Norman’s journey.”

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Godofthunder @mama_dom Hank is the coolest

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Characters on season 5 promotional poster

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The Walking Dead stills [7/?]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANA!!! I wanted to do something special for your birthday so drew this based on your Rickyl fic, “We’ll Always Meet Again”, hope you like it! Have the best birthday filled with happiness, smile and love♡

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  1. Red isn’t natural color of my hair(it’s brown).
  2. I can eat spaghetti and chinese all the time.
  3. The only sport which I liked to play in school was a field hokey.
  4. I don’t like beer.
  5. My favourite character from The Lord of the Rings is Aragorn. From The Hobbit - Bard.
  6. I hate heat.
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