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The world ended. Didn’t you get the memo?

Norman Reedus for GQ Magazine | 4/7

The Greene Sisters: The Hottest Sisters in the Apocalypse


What have they done to you? This is my fault. I wasn’t there for you. I’m so sorry.



Enough is enough.

- Posting people’s personal information and attempting to get them fired from their job is NOT okay

- Creating a hate blog about another blogger is NOT okay

- Photoshopping a picture of someone’s dead dog, or ANY personal photo is NOT okay

- Sending hate is NOT okay

- Talking shit about someone openly is NOT okay

- Bullying someone and chasing them from one social media site to another is NOT okay

- Using terms such as pedophilia to classify a character, when one knows CLEARLY that the term is not being used correctly is NOT okay

This is a TELEVISION SHOW. Fiction. You don’t hate to like everyone in a fandom, hell you don’t have to talk to everyone in a fandom. Disagreements happen. People not liking each other happens. But how you choose to react to them, their posts, etc. that is on YOU. There is NO excuse for ANY of the things I listed above, especially when the reason for it is because others don’t like how a person is, how they blog, what they post, what they say or how they tag things. NONE. IF you find yourself wanting to do one of the things above, OR EVEN SUPPORTING THEM BY SENDING ANON MESSAGES or saying you support someone that way…step back, go outside, take a deep breath. Go for a walk or ride your bike. I’ve recently started doing both; it really helps to clear your mind.

Three months ago I had to make the hardest decision in my life. I had to put my pup to sleep. My pup, that was my child. He just happened to have paws is all but he was like a child to me. I specially made his meals, I gave him expensive as fuck eye drops so his eye didn’t get all goopy, I injected him with insulin twice a day so that he did not go into a diabetic coma and die. I made sure he stuck to a VERY specific diet. He got groomed every six weeks and never missed an immunization. He got regular exercise. He was my boy and I was devoted to him. Over the last few days someone or some people decided that because they did not like me or my actions on my blog, or how I responded to others, or how I chose to discuss things, or because I did not ship Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier together, or because I am critical of Carol and her actions, that this allowed them to create a hate blog about me. Their banner picture was my avi picture plus, over my face, my dog’s picture photoshopped and his eyes made all funny. They thought this was okay, they were and are unrepentant. Other bloggers messaged to them, in anon of course, supporting them because they too did not like me.

I also JUST find out yesterday that another blogger, I believe a Carol/C@ryl ship fan had their personal information blogged for the world to see and it caused a LOT of complications in their life. There have also been various fans, of various parts of The Walking Dead fandom who have received death threats, been told to die, been told their parents should have aborted them, who are followed all over social media and harassed. Last winter I was told my dog should die.

What I’m trying to say is my god in heaven; we really are the most hostile fandom out there. I say “we” but I do not equate it to all. I say “we” as in those who either do or support this and it is NOT lumped into one part of the fandom.

If one person does this, it does not mean it’s an excuse for someone else to do it. I will NEVER bully or do anything like that. But I will not hold back on my opinion either, ever. No one should. I mean Jesus Christ; didn’t you start your blog to have fun? When did it get so ugly and why?

Please, if you believe in anything I’ve written please share this. 

You’re not safe.



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